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Mexican Day of the Dead (repost)

Celebrating the Dead

**An updated, edited re-post from last year**

If you have never heard of this festival before you can read Wikipedia summary or watch this excellent  BBC documentary on this fascinating festival.  

I tried to read as much as I could about this Mexican tradition and the wider catholic tradition of All Saints and All Souls day. In all my research I was stuck by one over arching idea. Death is not a taboo subject that is feared in Mexico. Death is celebrated as an essential, positive and even humorous part of existence. The festivals seems to have two sides, the remembering of dead relatives (with associated belief of the souls returning to earth) and the celebration of death. Both sides intrigue me but I am hesitant about the belief in souls returning. I am not claiming it is impossible (I think it may be impossible but I'm not certain) I am claiming that the story when King Saul had the Witch of Endor call up the soul of Samuel, (from 1Samuel 28:3–25) makes it cle…

My review of BBC3 show, unsafe sex in the city

BBC3 takes a frank look at how a sexual health clinic operates in Manchester. Following a number of young people as they go through the process of testing, waiting, getting results and then if needed getting treated. Mixing true life stories and high quality sexual health advice this show has the power to do some good.  Revealing some shocking attitudes in the youth. Especially in regards to condom use. By both males and females. Plus the voice over guy has some great one liners. You can see the shows official page here and if you live outside the UK and want to watch this show have a quick look at TunnelBear .  "I love dripping willies,becausethen you know what they have"For me the best part of the programme is seeing how the staff are professional and friendly. I really hope and believe that this programme will help increase the number of people going as now they have an idea what will happen. The mystery of sexual health clinics keeps so many people from darkening their do…