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Dear Science, Please start work on...

Dear Science,

Now I know that I don't give you as much attention as I used to, especially compared to when I was a teenager. But I still see you as my friend. You make me smile you make me laugh and you keep amazing me! I hope our friendship will continue for many years and as your friend can I ask a favour. 

Please start work on...

Genetically engineered pets 
Let philosophers work out the ethics, I want some cool new pets in my home. For starters a dog sized elephant. A perfect intelligent pet who couldn't jump on the furniture (elephants cant jump, but science you already know this, in fact you taught me that). Also micro dolphins/whales for my home aquarium and allergy free dogs/cats. I would start with the dogs and cats, probably has the least ethical concerns. But those are just my 3 ideas I'm sure you will come up with something else to amaze me. 

HUD eye implants
I grew up with FPS games and it taught me that you can make decisions quicker when the information is right t…