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Creating a personal internet video channel

I love internet video but sometimes I find it fiddly to watch the programs I want to watch. So i decided to try and use some online tools to create a personalised video channel of all the programs I wanted to watch. So I made In this post I explain why and how I made this automatic updating website of lots of free geeky programs. 

I think web shows are a significant shift in the media landscape. The internet as the great leveler of the playing field allows anyone to produce material with no budget. With no production cost the focus is on the material. I have a number of geeky interests and others create some great web shows about it. The delivery channel for all my chosen shows is YouTube (but other services like Vimeo can do it). Problem is I kinda hate the youtube interface. For a number of reasons. 

It isn't easy to subscribe to individual playlistsYou can not filter the videos from people/channels you subscribe to I have to click off the page to start the cont…

50 Shades of Grey reading by a Sex and Relationship Educator

Thoughts on how SRE workers may have to respond to it with young people. 

(I know I have posted a couple of Sex related post recently I will be posting other stuff soon.)

I have just finished reading 50 shades of grey. As a youth worker and sex and relationship educator I felt it was important to have an informed opinion before September when teenagers/young people might ask me questions in lessons and youth clubs. I'm a little behind the trend but spending 12 weeks travelling did take me out of touch. I have always thought it is crucial to read a book itself before commenting on it. So even though it is not my typical book I thought it was important to read it. 

To be clear this book was not written for young people, it is not meant to be read by young people and I don't believe E. L. James would be happy for young people to read it. But in my experience young people love to consume (watch, read, listen) media that adults do not want them to read. Either as a form of sexual ex…