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Google may change the world (again)

Now I do not think a single person can deny that Google has revolutionised the web. It's core of web search has become the default for most (English Speaking) web users but beyond that Google is influencing almost every area of the internet from Google wave looking to up turn web mail standards and it's advertising arm's influence is growing and growing.
Basically Google is THE FORCE to be reckoned with online. However, Google's power in the real world is also very interesting. Many people have been talking lots about the new Google phone called the Nexus One saying it may transform the phone market.
I believe that Google has just opened up a new area where it may revolutionise the world (again).
Google is taking on China. Read this blog by Google. To sum up, Google believes China's goverment tried to hack Google. Google has "evidence to suggest that a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists." Goog…