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Youth Work Summit Tweet Colletion

For the Youth Work Summit I decided to attempt some collection and storage of tweets with the #hashtag #yws13. Twitter has a great tool for staying up to date with the tweets as the come in but I wanted to also have a nice document back up which I created with I hope its useful to people at the event and away form the event. Read more below.

Document collecting ALL #yws13 tweets here

This automatic backing up of tweets is possible due to a handle little service called If This Then That found at You sign up for an account and then create recipes for all kind of cool automations. Cross platform posting, getting emails warning you of weather warnings. The digital world is you oyster. Especially using the immensely powerful RSS feed trigger.  RSS feeds are amazing ways to share, organise and collect information. Most search engines have an RSS feed built in so that you can get automatic updates when a new search term appears. For …

Reflecting on training the trainers of Sex and Relationship Education

Over the last 2 weeks, for the first time I have taught a full Sex and Relationship Education trainer course. In the past I have helped out on someone elses course and have lead workshops on specific topics at events/conferences. This was the first time I took 
responsibility for an entire course. The course I taught is the 4 day Esteem Resource Network course. This was the course I was originally trained in and 5 years and 500+ hours of classroom experience later I was now teaching the course. The course had 10 people and I loved opening up the wide field of Relationship and Sex Education to them. 

On the course I had 1 co worker, 1 local church based child and family worker, 2 third year youth work students (one who has been on placement with me) and a herd of 6 second year youth work students. So basically everyone was a youth worker or similar  This helped me as it's the group of people I work with the most. I know how to relate to youth workers and know they will have some prac…