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Fish Wish list

There are many fish I would like to own at some point. Some are very possible I just don't have the space yet. Some are possible just very expensive. Some may never be possible as they are very rare fish I have seen on TV. But I'm gonna share some of my wish list. I've divided it into four sections. Common, uncommon, rare and impossible. I will update this list regularly and re post.

Killifish (Blue Lyretail)
Albino Bristlenose Catfish
A large 50+ shoal of small fish. (Maybe White Cloud Mountain Minnows.)
Uncommon Fresh water Crabs
Chalk Goby
Australian Desert Goby (chlamydogobius eremius)
Golden Panchax (Killifish)
Snowflake Moray Eel
Volitans Lionfish
UK native pond biotope (maybe fishless) maybe frogs and stuff
Emperor Angel
Filament Glassfish
Freshwater Moray Eels (well Brackish) Graham's Soda Cichlids/Alkaline Talapia from Lake Magadi
Tropical Water beetle UK native rockpool tank with simulated tides, near high tide mark.
Omani Blind Cave Fi…