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HDR photography in China

Still Experimenting with HDR photography. Its difficult without a
tripod. Made two new images from photos taken with my Sony DSLR they
are both from a trip to The Great Wall and I used 3 images and GIMP to
process them into a HDR photo.

I have also used my phone HDR app a few times around Beijing.

In China it is hard to access my blog (im updating via emails) so I
may not respond to comments for a few more weeks.

Eating at a local resturant

Tonight we went out to eat at a local resturant in the backstreets of Beijing. After my initial reaction against walking down strange dark alleys we found this Resturant (recomended by a local) pretty awesome. It had a buzzing local atmosphere and had everything from dog, dear, donkey, rabbit and every type of fish on the menu. Crazy little cheap place. I hope I can go again and try something new.

Beijing Zoo (Our first real adventure)

We are still suffering with a bit of jet lag (I didn't get to sleep
until 4am Michelle was still awake at 6am) so we have had a gentle
tourist day visiting Beijing Zoo and Aquarium. It was our first time
on the Beijing subway system and it wasn't that bad as all signs where
in English as well as Chinese. Although coming back in rush hour was a
bit of an experience. But for 20p for any trip to any station in the
city we cant complain. We are already sorting out further days making
good use of this incredibly cheap and pretty simple transport.The Zoo was amazing very spacious with lots of gardens between
exhibits (although some cages could have been a bit bigger) but over
all a very nice zoo with animals that are rare in the UK. We saw our
first Giant Panda's here. They also had some fantastic lions and a
white Bengal tiger. The aquarium was a more modern development of the
zoo and it was much bigger then the Cheshire Blue Planet (although
Beijing didn't have any sharks so Chester wi…

Blogging on my Kindle Keyboard 3G

Blogging on my Kindle Keyboard 3G

In two weeks i will be leaving sunny England to travel around South East Asia.
i have bought a Kindle for reading but I have bought the Kindle Keyboard 3G.
i bought this versiom for two reasons firstly so that i could have the mini keyboarde
for writing notes which i enjoy doing (i wrote my degree dissertation on a mobile
phone, I like small keyboards) and I wanted the free world wide 3G and the experimental
browser. this means that I have to be patient because its not a fast machine or
connection. But all around the world I will able to connect. use gmail, facebook,
wtter and blogger. Its an amazing opportunity and combined with my solar powered
charger this becomes a very robust world wide connection device.

I think that the future of personal computers will go two ways. low powered e-ink
devices for content storage display and creation. the second will be the role of
implanted bio tech. Small little computers focused on social connection, communic…