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Very cool fish

This is a really cool website showing an amazing way to preserve fish. I read about it at Designboom and I think it is truly amazing.

Although it is a little macabre it is fascinating to see the internal structure of the muscle and bone. The guy does the same with some reptiles and even squid and crabs.

I'm wondering if a photo like this would make a good logo for my websit BlindFishIdeas
- Posted on the go

- Posted on the go

Google+ - This week I have read 3 separate stories (just on BBC) all…

This week I have read 3 separate stories (just on BBC) all talking about how the internet is negatively impacting the sexual health of the nation.

Young get sex health warning
MPs told young children accessing explicit porn
.XXX web domain registration begins

Now the third one might be a bit unconnected but the discussion around it all fits. What is the modern impact of all the sexual content on the internet. For one year I have been teaching on the issue of "sexting" in secondary schools. Working hard to try and help young people understand the emotional consequences of taking the risk of sharing naked or provocative pictures. This work has opened up my perspective to the much larger area of the impact of digital sexual content. Trying to do research on this topic is a lot harder then looking at STIs. Emotional and social consequences can not be tes…

Isaac Asimov previendo el impacto de Internet - YouTube

How amazing that Asimov predicted so many of the things we are seeing today over 20 years ago. I think Isaac Asimov is the perfect example of how Sci Fi writers (either books, TV shows, movies and more) are some of the best guides to what will happen in the future, If you rewatch the 2001 space odyssey film you will A) improve your life and B) see an iPad decades before we get it in our hands. Sci Fi does a great job at both predicting and i think shaping the future!

Sadly a large part of this video is dedicated to one potential benefit of the internet that Asimov is excited about but we have still not seen. The education system has still not been shaken up and we are not letting people learn in a natural discovery way or with reference to their own passions. Asimov is talking about a wide scale education overhaul which is made possible by the internet and technology. I hope that this will come true!

Isaac Asimov previendo el impacto de Internet - YouTube:

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BBC News - Scientists say vaginal gel cuts HIV-infections by half

This could make such a difference to HIV across the world. It is so sad that large proportions of the female population does not have the right to demand their partner wears a condom. This could be part of a movement to turn back the HIV epidemic

BBC News - Scientists say vaginal gel cuts HIV-infections by half:

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