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Quick blog to share a new site I have just found, it contains loads of free images, sounds, vector drawings, fonts and other stuff. It looks very similiar to but with a wider selection of mediums (not yet as many images). I think the site is newish and I am hoping it will soon start growing. It looks great but needs more content! anyway have a look at multimedia-stock

New Pets

I want some more aquatic pets, I love my blind cave fish with a passion but i want some new pets. One tank just isn't enough for me. On the practical fishkeeping forum they sometimes refer to someone suffering from MTS (multiple tank syndrome) and I think I am in danger of contracting it. But I have a plan. Instead of paying lots of money for an entire new tank full of fish, I cant add any more to my main tank its full, instead I'm going to buy some Triops probably from Argos. These little amazing creatures grow from freeze dried eggs like sea monkey but get A LOT bigger then sea monkeys and i think if I can grow some on to become quite big I reckon i could put one or two into my main tank. They only live for a few months and my Bichir my have a bite of them but I really wanna give it a try. They way they reproduce means that one kit may be able to be used again and again if they lay me some lovely eggs. I think i will try and buy some this week.