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I uploaded a new video to YouTube!

BBC radio 5 interview about a drop in teenage pregnancy rate
uploaded by Gareth Cheesman
on the 27-2-13 I was interviewed by BBC radio 5 about the drop in UK teenage pregnancy rate. Read more about my work at

Is tech running my life?

I am a geek, I can not lie. I have always loved science, tech, sci-fi, LOTR, computers and board games. I regularly get teased by my Girlfriend for checking my phone too often. Usually I am checking twitter, (my tech list) lifehacker, the tech and science section of BBC news and other sources of wonderful geeky news and information. But what I am trying to get my head around at the moment is this. 

"Is tech running my life or helping me improve my life?"

The tools that are designed to make my life easier and save time take time and effort. There is a huge range in tech in how much effort you need to put in. An example of low input high convenience is my amazon Kindle, kindle is a wonderful light ebook reader. It is meant to keep hundreds/thousands of books at your fingertips in one small device. The device is quite simple to use but you do need to keep it charged and have to get the books on it, Usually through the on board kindle book store or by using the webstore on a lapto…

Teenagers who read 50 Shades of Grey

I have started teaching a lesson on the media's portrayal of Sex and Relationship. The lesson focuses on movies, TV shows and visual pornography. But with all the media hype around 50 Shades of Grey I wanted to do a small scale survey of young people I work with to see if the hype had any grounding in reality. Are young people reading it and is it impacting young people? 

At the end of a session looking at the Distortion of Media I handed out some small surveys. Just half a dozen questions and a space for general feedback. I did this with two year groups both mixed gender. A group of year 10 students (aged 14-15) and a group of year 12 students (aged 16-17). With the older group I also asked if the book had encouraged them to experiment with "BDSM/fetish/kinky stuff" but talking with school staff it was decided not to ask that direct question to the year 10 groups. Below are some of the figures from my study, please note it is very small scale and may not reflect wider tr…