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Being a blind cave fish.

So why do I care so much about blind cave fish. These fish are certainly not the most attractive fish. They are not interesting fish to watch parenting. And the mexican blind cave fish I own are not rare. But to me they are the most fascinating fish I could own. (I dream of owning a variety of blind cave fish species)

Part of me loves them because they can be so controversial (link) but manly I am fascinated by them for one simple reason. Their disability does not restrict them.

I work for a small charity with limited funds and big aims. Part of me job involves me creating solutions to problems with limited resources. Solutions need to be effective and affordable. Consider the blind cave fishes biggest potential problem, navigation. They can't see were they are going but they have the most effective lateral line system and a brain adapted to be more effective at navigation then dogs. No light in caves meant the eyes weren't needed and could be just a waste of energy and a weak …