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Playing with Tigers at a breeding centre

Today I went to a place called Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. This is a tiger breeding centre that runs on the money generated by tourist paying to spend time in tiger cages with semi-tame tigers. Now they may look like over sized cats but they are not domestic animals. They have been around humans their whole life and are very relaxed with them but they are not completely safe and must be supervised. They would not bite someone for food but might nip them in playing. Apart from the smallest 2 month old tigers you will see us usually sitting behind the tigers and avoiding the head. This is both for our safety and because the care staff don't want the tigers to catch anything from us by their mouth getting too close to us. Visitors can only interact with adolescent tigers under 2 years old. After that they can be less playful and more grumpy. So the tigers retire across the country with other breeding centre and reserves. All the tigers we saw looked very happy and healthy. We went l…

Ta Prohm - Tomb Raider Temple

We have been to the Angkor temple complex which houses around a 1000s temples (some tiny so small you wouldn't notice them, others are huge religious monuments still in use today). For our stay in Siem reap we will be visiting the temple park spread over miles of countryside a number of times and we will be sharing some of the many photos we have taken at the more impressive temple sites. By the way according to this Wikipedia list the Angkor temples are the 4th "8th Wonder of the World" we have visited so far on our trip, the others being , the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army and the 3 Gorges Dam. I think you could create a very extensive and excellent round the world tour visiting all the places that try to claim they are the 8th Wonder of the world. 

Today we are posting pictures of Ta Prohm, nicknamed the Tomb Raider temple as they filmed some shots for the Angelina Jolie film her. Unlike most temples in the Angkor site they have decided to not remove the tre…

Snorkeling underwater photos in green water

These photos are from a week or so ago when we were in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I have delayed in posting these photos because they just didn't look that great due to the green water making all the photos green.I then put the images into GIMP 2.0 (open source image manipulation programme) and experimented with changing the colours to compensate for the green water. I tried a few different things but in the end the simplest best way to improve the images was to use the curves tool, selected the green channel and lower the line with a simple adjustment. Then a few more tweeks with saturation and contrast lead me to be happy with the images. Please tell me what you think.