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OK i must put my hand up and admit i have always been interested in big odd fish. You know the types that need massive home aquariums cost loads and have special diets. But even the biggest fish you could buy for your home aquarium are tiny little minnows compared to the fish that the National Geographic are show casing. Please click on this link and have a look at these Megafish

My Fish

Just short blog to show what tropical fish I have. I have one tropical fish tank set up and running. It is around 60 litres and houses 8 Blind Cave Fish (who inspired the name of these blogs) a juvenile plec that is growing up in this small tank before being rehoused and an albino Senegal Bichir. The all get on very well with each other at the moment and the Blind Cave Fish are very active and provide constant amusement.

Another Day Another New Blog

Yep I've added another blog to my list
Blind Fish Tails
This blog is my attempt at a small word play tails does not mean tails. But as I do not know when i will have the time to start writing in it. The blog may be missing any tales for a while to come. This is my problem. i have a lot of ideas about what i want to write about but i don't have the time to write it all. And i don't know what to work on first. So i have given up trying to be sensible and start small with one or two blogs. I accept i will have lots and post rarely on some and regularly on others.

I know part of me is scared that if i don't make the blog someone else will take the address i want to use.

Also as a side note I have decided that instead of starting another new blog about my fish keeping I will use this blog. So Watch this space for another post soon.

Ebay Plectrums

Since i was a teenager I have alwsy made Plectrums from old credit cards and memberships cards. I sometimes use them at work and some people have said tehy really like them. So i thought maybe someone would want to buy one. So i have listed one on ebay.


Ok time for a rethink

This blog will now be my central blog where i will post general comments, ideas and opinions. Importantly it will also serve to link out to my other blogs. Currently the only two semi-active blogs are
BlindFish Theology
Which is some thoughts about how theology is linked to fish keeping.
Unofficial Blue Planet Aquarium
Which is a blog about the local large public aquarium which I love.

I also have
BlindFish Tunes
A brand new blog about dance music. Just made today and will hopefully be updated weekly.

BlindFish Print
This blog i have made but am not planning to fill for a few months (just wanted to save the name). It will be about materials published with BlindFish