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Showing posts from October, 2009

Starting a new blog

Im still starting new blogs, (i may have a problem) This one is complete fiction. I am writing a kind of supernatural investigation blog story. Why?

Well i want the challeneg and I think it will be fun, I am writting losts of posts at the moment, not publishing them yet, gonna hold off for a bit.

Who am I?

I thought maybe I should let people know a little about me.

I'm 24
I work as a community youth worker
I'm a SRE worker
And I am an amateur fish keeper

I have a growing interest in changing tech trends. I have no official web or IT qualification and know pitiful amount about some topics and too much detail on others, as I all i know is self taught and therefore doesn't follow any logical order. Well that is a very brief outline about me. Any body who reads this and wants to know more, please leave a comment

Brainstorming web app

Found this today

It's an online app for doing a mindmap/brainstorm. You can create a basic mind map in minutes, save it, export it into an image, save it (with one of the quickest sign ups I've ever done) and share it. You control where the boxes go, colours, font sizes and links. In fact so far it has down everything I wanted. It's great, free and very useful.

Have a look