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200 word rpg challenge - entry idea "The labyrinthine library"

For the last few years David Schirduan and Marshall Miller, have run a 200 word rpg challenge. The simple concept is a competition to "Design a role-playing game using 200 words or less." With a panel of judges going through the dozens and dozens of entries. Reading through previous years entries has inspired me to give it a go. Below is my attempt at writing a simple rpg in 200 words. I would love to hear any thoughts people have after reading it. 
The Labyrinthine LibraryNeed 
Scrabble tiles, DM & 3-4 players

Players are the Arcanist’s assistants. Sent into the labyrinthine library to find a lost spell scroll. The DM makes up a series of challenges.

Character creation
Characters have 2 HP. Take 2 scrabble tiles. The Letters are your Initials. Make up your names. The numbers give you 2 abilities from list below.
1 = +1HP2 = nimble3 = goodshot 4 = brawler 5 = small animal companion (cat/owl/ferret etc)8 = academic10 = 1 (DM approved) spell0 your choice
Challenges are resol…
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First attempt at a one page rpg system using dominoes not dice

Restarting blogging this year hasn't gone very well so far but here is something. 
I've attempted to write a One page domino based rpg. I was intrigued by the idea of a domino based rpg after reading about Macabre Talesand have heavily imitated their system to attempt to make a one page rpg system myself. I'm sharing this first draft online for feedback for both the rpg system and my attempt to explain the system.

Game design is a big personal aim for my 2017 so I am going to try a number of small projects. I have some rpg ideas, board game ideas and card game ideas. This blog seems as good as place as any to share my working progress.

2017 blog restart

It's the starts of 2017 and I think I'm going to try and start blogging again. It's been over a year since my last blog. Since then I've changed jobs and got married. Life has been very busy but new year resolutions being something I never do I decided to try one this year. I think I will blog more short random notes like today and more stuff about board games and rpg. I probably won't have any posts about my RSE work but more general life stuff. At some point I will also redesign my blog, maybe.

Ultra light weight digital photo backup - OTG cable, smart phone & USB drive

For my holiday to Peru I wanted to find a small cheap and light way to keep my digital photos backed up every day. 

When I travelled around south East Asia for 3 months I was paranoid about backing up my photos. I was terrified that something would happen and I would have lost every photo. So I carried a 1.5Kg net book and charger, a memory card reader and a bulky portable hard drive. It worked I didn't loose any photos and when my hard drive was stolen I bought a replacement and quickly backed everything up again. But it was a heavy and bulky amount of tech to take backpacking. 

Doing some research I decided the best way to achieve a small, cheap and light back up was to make use of an OTG (On The Go) Cable. This is simply a short cable with a male micro USB port at one end to plug into your phone and a female regular sized USB port at the other end for you to plug a multitude of normal USB devices into. This lets you do things like plugging a full sized keyboard into a phone. Im…

Sexting Education Resource

Today I am sharing a free resource I have made to help teenagers think about the type of images they are sharing online and by direct messages. I class this resource as in BETA, it is just my first attempt at making these images and I want to reshoot the photos. Get rid of the cluttered backgrounds and I need to find a male mannequin to use as well. You can find all the images I use at Sexting Images Resources
I have tested these images in a number of lessons for 14-15 year olds. The way I use them is getting the young people into small groups and asking them to put them in order from most risky images to share to least risky. They create a continuum of risk. Then we talk through a number of follow up questions.  Which images would it be ok to share on social network?Which images might be ok to share by direct message, such as snapchat or MMS?Which images should we never share?Which images do you think could get people into trouble with the police?Which images would be embarrassing if t…