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1 year till the hobbit

Amazing Daytime fireworks

This video is amazing showing some spectacular pyrotechnic skills. I want to buy some of these. Maybe they should be called smokeworks not fireworks as it appears that the smoke is the effect you look for not the fire. Great to see on video but would love to see it for real,
Jump to 50 seconds in for the best example

A brief History of Sexting - A Blogger missing the point?

A brief history of sexting and the power of media manipulation Blog by Adam McLane

Whilst I was interested in reading this article I disagree with some of its conclusions. At the moment I am doing some research in the UK looking at online risk taking behaviour with students aged 13-15. I work as a sex and relationship educator and have started including content on sexting with the lessons we teach in high schools. Whilst the history of sexting you outlined seems true and likely the media has done a great job of whipping up the issue I think the problem of sexting is larger then 1%. Our study which in this round has had 160 young people has a higher rate with 20% having seen a naked picture of someone they know. Now in a group of just 160 young people it could 1 or 2 have sent a naked picture and most have seen copies of these 1% pictures. But 20% seeing a naked picture of someone they know is significant.

Last year we did not ask that question but we did ask have you ever posted a pict…

White Ribbon Russian Protest

The BBC's Maria Vassilieva reports on the emergence of white ribbons as a symbol of protest against Russia's disputed elections.Russia's white-ribboned protests
I think this kind of grass roots campaign can make real difference. i just pray it leads to peaceful solutions and not the violence we have seen in the Arab Spring revolts. We have no need for more violence.

An amazing collection of images from 2011.

This link takes you to 45 of the most amazing images from 2011. I have copied in my favourite of Christians protecting Muslims at prayer in Cario during the protests. As a Christian I am so glad this happened. All to often Christians and Muslims are only portrayed as opposing each other and I think this images shows great respect for others and emphasise how mutual respect/understanding is possible.