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Dear Science, Please start work on...

Dear Science,

Now I know that I don't give you as much attention as I used to, especially compared to when I was a teenager. But I still see you as my friend. You make me smile you make me laugh and you keep amazing me! I hope our friendship will continue for many years and as your friend can I ask a favour. 

Please start work on...

Genetically engineered pets 
Let philosophers work out the ethics, I want some cool new pets in my home. For starters a dog sized elephant. A perfect intelligent pet who couldn't jump on the furniture (elephants cant jump, but science you already know this, in fact you taught me that). Also micro dolphins/whales for my home aquarium and allergy free dogs/cats. I would start with the dogs and cats, probably has the least ethical concerns. But those are just my 3 ideas I'm sure you will come up with something else to amaze me. 

HUD eye implants
I grew up with FPS games and it taught me that you can make decisions quicker when the information is right there. Google glass is a step in the right direction but I think you could think bigger. Why should we have to wear glasses? With the maturation of contact lens technology and the leaps forward in corona implants I'm sure you could make something to overlay the HUD direct. I have some ideas for the user interface but I'm sure we can have some multiple options for the users. 

Quantum computers
We both know that computer development is in danger of plateauing. With the improvements in tech general the computer world can not fall behind and quantum computing will keep us set up for years to come. More processing power for less energy use will allow us to make smaller, faster, lighter and better computers. In fact I hope that a mobile quantum computer will be small enough and fast enough to implant into my arm. Link it with the HUD eye implants above and half way to the cyborg you can make me.

Global warming
The debate is over, its happening but I don't think Science you should sit back and just let Earth take a pounding. We can see it coming but step up. Lets not focus on measuring exactly how fast it will happen or who is most to blame, lets get proactive. I believe that you can give us more options. Do some trials and choose the best. Not a time to mess around this is a priority, so make a choice and place your bet on what will save the Earth. I'll back you what ever you choose and if you fail don't worry you made an effort. If you make it worse we get a dystopian future to explore. (Also this is great practice for terraforming the rest of the solar system.) 

X transport
Nothing new has really come along in nearly a hundred years. We have newer, faster and bigger cars/plans/trains/boats. But we need something else, something completely new. A new paradigm in transport. Science, we need something that will help with the energy crisis and is a bit convenient. You know what I mean. Taking nearly a day to get from UK to Australia is too long, expensive and troublesome. Come on Science, time to shine.

Now Science you may think my final request is a bit different. A bit less exciting but let me explain. I think Linux is like a forgotten child and it needs some attention. The software/IT industry is languishing in copyright and patent wars. Its stifling creativity and we are suffering. Science I know you like Linux and use it all the time but us mere mortal humans don't always find it so easy. Linux needs a leg up, something to make it better and more desirable then the current popular OS options. Maybe linking the next Linux direct into the quantum generation. Science, I know you have a trick or 2 up your sleeve to revolutionise the technological world, again.

Science please don't take this letter as a complaint. I think you are doing a great job at amazing us. This list is just a gentle push, a request to try and leap forward into the next phase. Keep Being Awesome. 

Yours Sincerely,

Gareth, (long term fan)   

P.S. Well done on everything you have done this century, you know, the internet, electricity everywhere, vaccines, moon landing and curiosity. Plus everything I'm forgetting.


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