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Fish tank - design over function

Amazing design idea but pretty sure its too small for Betta or any type of fish but maybe for shrimp?

Found this new aquarium design on kickstarter. The unique design feature claimed is a simplified cleaning process which only requires the owner to tip a fresh glass of water into the top. Then by the action of water pressure and displacement the water at the bottom of the tank is pushed up through a wipe. With this water the waste that had collected at the bottom of the tank moves up the pipe and out of the tank. This ingenious design idea is very intriguing and I almost stumped up the cash to support it. But then I read the tank dimensions and found out it was only about 2 litres. That is just too small to keep a fish. 

I love the simplicity of the design idea and If I could get one for a bit less money in the UK I would be very tempted for either some Triops or maybe some shrimp if a little heater could be added. But at the moment they are not shipping outside of america, when they do I might be tempted. They have talked about getting this organised. In one of the the comments they also indicated they have experimented with larger volumes. Up to 100 litres I think. I wouldn't want one that big but the design is very tempting if it came in volumes of 10 litres for a single betta or paradise fish (EDIT: just been recommended that 10l would be too small for a betta). Or a stylish 25litre white mountain minnow tank?

The kickstarter funding ends in February. Hopefully before it ends they will announce international shipping. If so I may be making a small purchase but not for a Betta. 


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